Make it Count for Something

20 Oct

Being a student is often a hard job.  On top that, unless you’re a fresh 18 year
old student, you have to add work, family, necessities, GAS, FUN, and Leisure
expenses in the “college experience”.  You’re not done once you add all of this up either.
Why might you ask?  Only because once you’ve added all of those things, you’ll still have to add the compounding beast, who we’ll just call Studen Loans.  Once this is factored
into the equation, students are often forced to work while taking on debt on top of debt.  As a student, when
it comes to the decision process, there are usually three main choice options:

  1. A.     You’re either a full-time student, who works, and you take the least amount of debt from   the beast, but overall both your grades and attitude suffer.
  2. B.     You’re a full-time student, who doesn’t work, and you max the beast
    out for everything that’s available, you’re grades are better
    but in the end ULTIMATE Debt
  3. C.     You’re a part-time student, who works, you manage both school
    and finances equally well; however, it usually seems like
    you’re in school forever.  The ultimate trade-off!

Those three options came right out of my head from what I’ve
seen as a student.  However, reading the stats, which also
include me, leads me to believe that most Americans ultimately choose
option B.  The American student loan balance exceeds one Trillion
dollars.  That’s Crazy!

USA Today parses through New York Federal Reserve’s latest report
on Household Debt and Credit and finds that for the first time, this year the
amount of student loans will surpass the $100 billion mark and the outstanding
balance will exceed $1 trillion.

That means the amount of credit card debt
and student debt is about equal, reports the New York Fed. USA Today reports that’s a dangerous
prospect, because unlike credit card debt, student loan debt survives

The credit
risk falls on young people, who start adult life deeper in debt,

A burden that
could place a drag on the economy in the future

As a student, money and finances go hand in hand when
deciding what school to choose, on-campus housing vs. off-campus housing,
and/or how many classes should I take?  With
all of these decisions, and daily life expenses, it’s no wonder why so many
have to choose the beast in the end.  As I
college student I don’t know what to say except, “If you’re going to take out
all of that debt, make it count for something!”
Take it from me, the only thing worse than wasted money………is Wasted
!  At the end of the day, I just
would like for everyone to remember the famous quote:

Time waits for no man.”


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