What hurts worst? falling or not getting back up?

08 Sep

I read this blog/post about college parents and the writer, myself, and many other former students, drop-outs, graduates and re-admins. have dealt with the same type of problem or they know someone who has had the same type of problem.  Student life in itself can be overwhelming and stressful, yet once you add a family and employment to the situation many students are “BOUND TO DROWN”. I first started college at 18 like most.  I went to Manchester College as a Biology/Chemistry major with 16 cr. hours a semester.  Bio Chem is already stressful but I also lived in off campus housing raising my 1 year old daughter. I left my first year with a 3.33.  I took a break off until 2005, then I came to IUSB but I had to comute here, work and help raise a family.  I passed most of my classes but my 4 cr. biology and my 5 cr. chemisty w/lab. those brought my GPA down.  So I took a break and went and got a job.  Like a employer once told me with a JOB you will only ever be Just Over Broke; find a career.  So I thought about.  Business=money;money=business.  I changed my major.  I wanted to be a Business Major but it was like starting over.  So I had to make a wise decision which worked out in my favor.  I switched my major to general studies.  I was able to use my previous Biology and Chemisty classes, which I passed, toward my concentration and other catergories.  I had also already taken several psychology and sociology classes twhich I could use toward a minor that I was able to add business as a minor also. I had 4 business classes, which i got 3 A’s, 1 B, 2 psychology classes, 2 A’s and a general requiremnt class which I also got an A.  This time around I’m passonate about what I want to do in life so success like in the article is the only thing that can come at the end of the rainbow.


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