What Twiddles My Fancy???

06 Sep

If I had to choose something interesting to blog about this semester, I would choose to write about life as a parent or from a point of view for other parents who may or may not be continuing their education.  I have a wife (Antoinette) and two children De’Arione (3) and Ari’Yonna (11).  Because of my family, I don’t have time for LIFE at IUSB after school hours per say.  Because of this, I couldn’t write or give my point of view about a club or a sporting event because I don’t partake in those activities on campus.  However, if were writing about general topics such as the fact that many students only care who the fun teachers are opposed to the mean ones or which teachers have a laid back syllabus with 1 paper opposed to a teacher who gives massive homework, weekly quizzes, bi-weekly test, and three 5 page, single spaced papers.  If a blog like this were kept within certain restrains, it could/would be useful to everyone because students would see what their peers are saying and teachers would also be able to read what is being said about them.  In turn, if stubbornness doesn’t override empathy positive changes would be the only outcome.  For starters, higher class enrollment, better grades, and an overall sense that people are faithfully attending class because they actually want to learn what you’re saying not just because your taking attendance would just be the beginning to a new sense of “higher learning”!


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3 responses to “What Twiddles My Fancy???

  1. Brandi J. David

    September 6, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    I think that sounds pretty cool, actually. I don’t have any children but I know a lot of people that do and it’s hard for them to get out a lot of the time beyond their class schedules. I also think that focusing on this topic would be a great tool for bringing together a network of parents to discuss their experiences and maybe help their children find playmates.


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